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Who am I and why am I here?

First, thanks for stopping by! 

Here's where I'm supposed to put a picture of me smiling in the outdoors with my camera comfortably strung around my neck, ready to capture whatever majestic moment is about to unfold, a steely gaze affixed upon my face. I don't take myself that seriously. In all honesty, I hate having my picture taken. The one here was taken by my friend Jim, and it has my kids in it, so they offset my gruesome visage.

 I want my pictures to be fun. To me photography isn't always about getting the perfect shot, it's about going out and having a good time. It's about learning something new, seeing things from a different perspective, and trying to capture a moment in time that I want to remember.

So as I continue to add to this site, I also plan on adding to each picture a bit about the experience of shooting it. Oddly enough I can recall them on every shot. Unfortunately this leaves less room for things my wife wants me to remember, like scheduling Dr.'s appointments, picking up the kids, etc. 

So please feel free to check back in as I plan on updating this site on a regular basis. If the hosting company says "Unlimited Space" then we'll use as much as we can.

Stay safe--Alex

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